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Wide Open Product Launch/Testing

The Wide Open guys had this super rad Kill Switch to test ride and thrash, I managed to get it out of Brett's hands on one of the last runs. I don't really ride MTB's very often and when I do ride a dual suspesion it's from a friend or the crew over at Worrall's. I must admit the bike was killer, it was fast, it was smoth and the wheel base was... Read More »

Wide Open Product Launch/Riding

With any good product launch you spend the most amount of time riding bikes and talking shop. Wide Open had us on the gondola for down hill runs all day and F^%K it was fun. The worst part about MTBing is walking up hills and with this set up the bad part is a think of the past. We rode the hill all day and then checked out some of the Dirt... Read More »

Wide Open Product Launch/Products

Over the weekend the Wide Open boys flew me and some other dealers down to Queenstown for riding, product infomation, eating hamburges and drinking beer!!! You got to love these guys. This is the first post about the products and some pictures, If you like anything email or call the shop for full details.    ... Read More »

Leon's Gutter Ball

Leon was in the store getting his stem slammed and we had a conversation about the way his bike looked and how the worn look on a bike is a really nice style that shows more about the bike and the fact it's used for riding and life. I think Leon's bike really talks that talk and he has just the right mix of parts, stickers and style that top of... Read More »

Eight Thirty has a new WHIP

Fee at Eight Thirty has rebuilt her ride and it is looking super rad with the lay back post and handlebar combo giving this bike a sweet 50s look. Also notice the NOS Ukai rims, quite rare in this condition. And don't forget the coffee Eight Thirty sells, it's the best in town.... Read More »

Mongoose Pro Class

Where do we start with this ride? Addiction would be the first word that comes to mind. Guy has been on a BMX fueled spending rampage stopping at no expense to get the right brand or component to top of his build. This bike is a testament to his actions/addictions with a class build topped of with a couple treasures from my own vault. Enjoy the... Read More »

Goodbye Rowan

Everyone's favorite Sunday star is leaving us again for the hipster city of Melbourne. We wish him the best of luck and will catch you soon, our livers will not miss the relationship we had. Safe travels.... Read More »

Born With To Much SHIT

If you have been around the Auckland Bike scene you might know both these characters. The Boss, aka Aaron Carson, formallly of so many great bands the mind bends under the strain, and now the head C.E.O of the greatest Cafe in Auckland to ride your bike to Salvation Kitchen. When you're there pick up his magizine One Percent. Another great thing... Read More »


When we first started T.White's Bikes we had a few simple ideas. Don't be like the rest, hands on rider run and owned, provide great parts, service and atmosphere when your in the shop. This update is a tribute to where we sit in the market place and why we continue to do what we love most. A good lifestyle. Ace is the T.White's Bikes shop dog and... Read More »

Flite Saddle

One of the most sort after saddles to grace T.White's Bikes is now in stock and will not last. The classic flite saddle was one of the best in it's time and has a great comfort for a narrow shape. But best of all it looks DOPE. This will not last and your tarck, single speed, or retro MTB needs this saddle. $199... Read More »

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