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The Second Hand Bike Shop has been revamped and ready for all your old bike needs. Check out the photos. Drop by any time for a dig in the drawers, you never know what you will find.... Read More »

DR J's New Ride

Dr J has been repping the Triple Six/T.White's Bikes flag for some time now and just put together a fresh new whip. Check out the photos.... Read More »

James K Lowe's NSF

After a long battle with overseas bike purchasing we finally got the green light on the NSF in the shop. James picked out some great parts and combined the ano to match super well. Thanks James and see you when you're home.... Read More »


-Reflective tape. -Water resistant. -External/internal 17' laptop entry. -Single handed adjustment buckle $199... Read More »

Fit beer cooler's

These are rad. Limited amount and only $10 each $15 including a beer.  ... Read More »

Phil's 38 24 build

Phil has gone custom bike mad, and his latest bike is a testament to good quality, great workmanship and an overall bad ass look and style. His parts are listed below.   S&M 38 special frame S&M Cruiser forks and bars S&M 101 pedals S&M Sprocket S&M rail seat Phil Wood BMX hubs, Yes that’s right their producing... Read More »


This is a swapmeet, bring a chair, bring your old bits, buy some old bits it's that easy. Everyone is welcome. For details call the shop 09 307 3607 or check the face book page. Read More »

Born To Late

Incase you missed it here are some photos from Sid's chopper show. It was a super rad day and make sure you get to the next.... Read More »

Phil's Wheels

Phil had us build him some pretty serious 24ers for his S&M race bike. They're looking dope and his other parts selection is completely insane. Get ready for a full bike check on his cruiser next week.  ... Read More »

Office overload

The office was completely overflowing with customers dope bike gear so I snapped up some pics of the gear on hand.... Read More »

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