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T.White's Bikes 3rd Birthday

Hey Guys 20% off everything in store 10-6 ilabb mini ramp and product show Triple Six Distribution garage sale Demon Graphics Jump Box Zombie BMX mystery ramp Baxter BBQ 3pm RedBull Hummer and whatever ramps RedBull want to bring along Limited edition 3rd Birthday sticker with the first 50 purchases BMX Jam 3pm-5pm Masi/Haro/Premium... Read More »

Bob's Colnago

Long time shop friend and part time yachtsman had his new Colnago in the shop for a tickle up and a new BB. I had time to snap up a couple photos from this 70's styler.  ... Read More »

Solo sale

This Saturday in The AK!... Read More »

Friday in the AK

Another week in the AK and summer is coming on, let the good times roll! Thanks to all our great customers for another great week.  ... Read More »

Rob's� BMX

Rob has had a few bikes from us this year and this new one is on point!!! check out the photos of this S&M BTM.... Read More »

Jeremy's MASH

Jeremy stopped past the store yesterday and I had time to snap up some photos of his ride. He got the Mash from us about two months ago and put some pretty sweet parts onto his build list. You might also note that he won the art contest. Nice work.... Read More »

Cam's Bike

Cam sent over this photo of his bike after we built up the new wheels for his ride! Looking good Cam... Read More »

Wide Open Product Launch/Testing

The Wide Open guys had this super rad Kill Switch to test ride and thrash, I managed to get it out of Brett's hands on one of the last runs. I don't really ride MTB's very often and when I do ride a dual suspesion it's from a friend or the crew over at Worrall's. I must admit the bike was killer, it was fast, it was smoth and the wheel base was... Read More »

Wide Open Product Launch/Riding

With any good product launch you spend the most amount of time riding bikes and talking shop. Wide Open had us on the gondola for down hill runs all day and F^%K it was fun. The worst part about MTBing is walking up hills and with this set up the bad part is a think of the past. We rode the hill all day and then checked out some of the Dirt... Read More »

Wide Open Product Launch/Products

Over the weekend the Wide Open boys flew me and some other dealers down to Queenstown for riding, product infomation, eating hamburges and drinking beer!!! You got to love these guys. This is the first post about the products and some pictures, If you like anything email or call the shop for full details.    ... Read More »

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